Lean Thinking for Emerging

Healthcare Leaders

Do you want to provide safe, compassionate care, without waste or struggle? Put those who are doing the work and are closest to the actual situation in the lead!

Lean Thinking for Emerging Healthcare Leaders will help you to:
  • Understand the core principles and values of Lean leadership and management.
  • Understand how to develop yourself and your leadership in such a way that will best benefit your patients. This includes building commitment with your co-workers, management, patients and other stakeholders.
  • Be of value to your team members and patients, every day.
  • Improve healthcare from the inside, making it safer, better, faster and more affordable.


With this book I want to inspire, motivate and stimulate you to lead continuous improvement–while being respectful to people–on your way to perfect care for every patient.

This book is also available in Dutch.
  • A perfect gift for every level healthcare manager

    “It is precise, relatively succinct and bloody apt book in outlining the issues of nowadays healthcare leadership. [ … ] The author Arnout Orelio explains the paradoxes of LEAN in healthcare so frankly, precisely and practically with extremely spot-on examples from the real life. I think the book is a gem that is worth careful reading for everybody in healthcare management in any country of the world. [ … ] ”
    Aurelija Juskeviciene, HR Leader (source: Amazon.com)

  • “I loved so much …: 'Work methodically on your personal development.' It made me think how to integrate it into my personal development and how even to make other use: to develop subordinates.”
    Mohamed Abdel Moemen Mousa, Operational Excellence Consultant

  • “A lot of attention is rightfully paid to leadership that is required to help facilitate improvement. Not only improvement of care processes and their outcomes but also the important component of helping people develop themselves. This development is as much about the medical professional and leader him (or her) self as it is about fellow care workers and team members.”
    From the Foreword by Rutger I.F. van der Waal, dermatologist, MD PhD

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In the book Lean Thinking for Emerging Healthcare Leaders you learn about continuous improvement and respect for people. This requires leadership, focused on process improvement and personal development of yourself and others. The lean tools necessary to make these changes happen are available, free of charge.

About the author: Arnout Orelio

Arnout has been working with lean management since 1995, the last 15 years as a trainer, coach and consultant in healthcare. He is the owner of The Lean Mentor. He helps people who want to (learn to) improve healthcare. Arnout focuses on teaching lean leadership, as author, speaker and mentor, bringing top performance and high levels of productivity within everyone’s reach.

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