Arnout’s new book is out!

Adopt Lean thinking and let it help you lead the way to the ideal patient experience:

“Safe, compassionate, zero waste, no struggle!”

Improve your work, leadership and organization for your patients

Overburdened? Not enough time for your patients? Unsolvable problems, such as staff shortages? Trapped in bureaucracy? Use my unique "Patients First Mentoring System" to self-lead change, sustainably solve your problems, free up your time and better help your patients, without extra people, technology or money. Today.

The first step to better healthcare is figuring out how you are doing now and what is holding you back from providing excellent care. Take the lead and start right away, uncovering your true potential for improvement with my free e-book (.pdf):

Passport to the Gemba* – Learning to see improvements – Health Care

The reasons why you loose incredible amounts of time on the same problems, over and over

.. And how you make everything go smoothly.

Learn …

• Why your processes don’t comply with the demands and wishes of your patients
• The single most important reason why so many things go wrong, again and again
• How you reduce safety incidents, without writing lengthy protocols
* How to make improvements yourself, today, with your team, without meetings
• How to collect facts in stead of opinions
• The questions to ask to remove all ambiguity
• How to get out of “firefighting” mode

• How you teach all of this to your to team, like a professional coach.

With this free e-book, you can immediately solve the real problems that your patients, your team or you yourself are facing.

The ‘Passport to the Gemba*’ is also available as a pocket book (for the whole team).

* Gemba is Japanese for the actual place, where the value is added; the workplace.

Arnout’s new book is out!

Adopt Lean thinking and let it help you lead the way to the ideal patient experience:

“Safe, compassionate, zero waste, no struggle!”

Get this free passport and learn ..
  • the 8 flows in health care
  • the Nr. 1 root cause of your problems
  • how to observe, ask questions and coach.

Lean Thinking in Health Care

Safe, compassionate, zero waste, no struggle.

In health care, more than in almost any industry, people struggle to get the work done and provide patients with what they need.  Bureaucracy, senseless meetings and an endless stream of projects probably not have the effect you are looking for, they just burn you out. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Adopt the lean way of thinking and let it help you lead the way to the ideal patient experience. Take the principles, strategies and examples in this book to develop your own system and culture of continuous improvement and learning throughout your organization.

"Lean Thinking in Health Care" will teach you:
  • A different way to look at health care.
  • The Lean principles and how to apply them.
  • The necessary skills to lead change towards your True North.
  • Strategies to develop your leadership and your organization.
  • Methods to achieve 50 to 90% improvement.
  • Inspiration and a clear plan to get you started.


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This book is also available in Dutch.

  • Recognizable and applicable across sectors: Lean is a matter of mindset and discipline!

    “The book is well put together and is definitely a valuable resource. Arnout focuses especially on the interwoven strategy of continuous improvement and people development. He has shown courage by writing this book. Although the book is focused on healthcare, I believe the mindset and principles described are applicable everywhere. All in all, creditable work.”
    Jan Hermans, Manager People & Innovation, Toyota Motor Europe
  • Arnout sets the bar high: on the road to world-class health care.

    “the author shares his learning experiences and insights and inspires us in our own journey. He sets the bar high: on the road to world-class health care. We shouldn’t settle for less. By continuously challenging and developing ourselves and others we can take one step at the time towards True North. Learning to learn, together.”
    From the Foreword by Marja Hodac, MD & Healthcare Executive
  • Need a mentor? Need inspiration? Don’t miss this read!

    “The world needs more Lean Thinkers! Arnout’s new book will challenge you to become one of them. Need a mentor? Need inspiration? Arnout’s new book is full of exactly that: examples of organizations that are doing it every day. Don’t miss this read!”
    Paul Akers, President FastCap; Author – “2 Second Lean”
  • Thanks for including us in your book - it’s an honor!

    “[..] our world changed dramatically as a result of your visits to our company. You allowed us to see how we might broaden our scope for transformational work. .. in any workplace where the people inside were willing to embrace the idea that ‘we can do better, together’. .. your visits lit a passion for me to use my life to help people in healthcare to consider working more consistently with the principles underlying the Toyota system.”
    Jeff Kaas, Kaas Tailored

Lean Thinking for Emerging Healthcare Leaders

How to develop yourself and implement process improvements.

Healthcare providers and their patients all want the same thing: safe and compassionate care, without waste or struggle. Unfortunately, this is far from always possible. Healthcare delivery , like any other industry, requires continuous improvement and learning. This is best achieved, when we put those who are doing the work and are closest to the actual situation in the lead!

However, before you can change health care for the better, you need to develop the necessary mindset and leadership skills, some of us call Lean thinking. Accelerate your journey of continuous improvement and learning, by reading this book.

'Lean Thinking for Emerging Healthcare Leaders' will help you to:
  • Apply the core principles and values of Lean leadership and management.
  • Develop yourself in such a way that will best benefit your patients.
  • Solve your problems at the source, together with your team.
  • Change successfully, building commitment with all your stakeholders.
  • Improve your work everyday, making it safer, better, faster and more efficient.


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This book is also available in Dutch.

  • "One of the BEST Lean Books Ever Written"

    “I absolutely LOVED this book! I have so many pages marked that it's about three times bulkier than when I purchased it. While focused on a clinical healthcare setting, it is completely transferrable and applicable to my non-clinical healthcare related setting. I plan to buy one for each member of our operations leadership team. Whether you are new to Lean or have been studying for years, I highly recommend you read this book!”
    Jennifer Mongeau, VP of Clinical Programs (source:
  • "A perfect gift for every level healthcare manager"

    “It is precise, relatively succinct and bloody apt book in outlining the issues of nowadays healthcare leadership. [ … ] The author Arnout Orelio explains the paradoxes of LEAN in healthcare so frankly, precisely and practically with extremely spot-on examples from the real life. I think the book is a gem that is worth careful reading for everybody in healthcare management in any country of the world. [ … ]”
    Aurelija Juskeviciene, HR Leader (source:
  • "It made me think how to integrate Lean into my personal development"

    “I loved this part so much:: 'Work methodically on your personal development.' It made me think how to integrate Lean into my personal development and how even to make other use: to develop others.”
    Mohamed Abdel Moemen Mousa, Operational Excellence Consultant
  • A lot of attention for the leadership needed to facilitate improvement."

    “A lot of attention is rightfully paid to leadership that is required to help facilitate improvement. Not only improvement of care processes and their outcomes but also the important component of helping people develop themselves. This development is as much about the medical professional and leader him (or her) self as it is about fellow care workers and team members.”
    From the Foreword by Rutger I.F. van der Waal, dermatologist, MD PhD
  • "Not just another inspiring book, but this book inspires to take action!"

    “Love your vision for healthcare. Even though your main target is medical professionals who recently started a leading role or started their own business, I was able to see something similar in financial services; putting off the fire and running like a headless chicken. Thank you, Arnout for inspiring others to take action.”
    Mindy Borgonje-Ling, Mindset Coach (source:

Get all the lean tools from the book for free

In the book Lean Thinking for Emerging Healthcare Leaders you learn about continuous improvement and respect for people. This requires leadership, focused on process improvement and personal development of yourself and others. The lean tools necessary to make these changes happen are available, free of charge.

About the author: Arnout Orelio

Arnout has been working with lean management since 1995, the last 15 years as a trainer, coach and consultant in healthcare. He is the owner of The Lean Mentor. He helps people who want to (learn to) improve healthcare. Arnout focuses on teaching lean leadership, as author, speaker and mentor, bringing top performance and high levels of productivity within everyone’s reach.

He loves to teach you, through his books and 1:1 coaching in your workplace, how to continuously improve yourself, your leadership and your work for patients

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