Learn from others and their approach to process improvement

Download the free applied A3: “Door movements at the OR”

From the books on Lean thinking in healthcare by Arnout Orelio

“Don’t reinvent the wheel!” I hear it all the time. It makes so much sense. If someone has already figured it out, it’s much more efficient to copy it, isn’t it? “Let’s just find the best practice and save us a lot work.” This suggests you can copy something from someone one-on-one. In my experience, you can only do that if you have the same process and the same problem, with the same root cause and circumstances. Only then will the same measures work for you, in the same way. The chance of this is rather small.

It is more effective to learn from the other person’s process of improvement and change and their way of thinking. Learning is about the people, who found a better way, not about the content. Download the applied A3 “door movements at the OR” and wonder how these people came to their results. What thinking did they use? In this way you can learn, not only what works, but why it works and the change process, you need.


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