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Because of his training as an engineer Arnout’s focus in the first years of his working life was on production and project management. For example, he made an effort to be a manager and improve processes in the automotive industry. His passion lies in working environments with high logistical complexity. A little later he noticed his preference for working with people and systems and the indispensable connection between them.

Lean Principles

His career took a turn toward consultancy at an agency where the main focus was on shop floor collaboration. Focused on the work processes and creating innovative ideas, together. He became acquainted with the challenging principle of “zero defect”: the ultimate pursuit of perfection. He also learned and experienced what was needed for world-class performance— making people aware of their responsibility for their own performance and the continuous possibilities for improvement and supporting that with a system of appropriate tools, coaching, and mentoring. In other words, working according to the Lean principles—a clear system that exposes mistakes and waste and that has everything to do with mindset, behavioral change, and leadership.

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What clients are saying

Marja Ho-Dac

'Arnout knows how to coach with integrity as he asks the right questions to get a crystal clear view on your current situation. You can tell his way of working is inspired by Toyota’s lean principles and their best prac­tices. He definitely gets you thinking how to change healthcare for the better by applying these principles. Arnout has loads of tools and tips to help you make that change as a person and as an organization.'

Marja Ho-dac
Nephrologist and Healthcare Executive
Joost Visser

'Arnout taught me how I can inspire and motivate people so they can perform at their best. I used to focus solely on the lean tools, but that did not get me the results I wanted. Arnout helped me to see that it is the connection you make with people that does the trick. This has increased my effectiveness as a leader and coach'

Joost Visser
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Transforming Healthcare

It became increasingly clear to him that this way of working was not only reserved for the industry. This transformation could be realized in many more branches! At the same time as a young father he ran into things in healthcare that he thought could be done in a much better way. When at that time he also received a request from the healthcare sector to use his vision in healthcare he started to focus on lean transformations in healthcare.

The Improvement Practice

In 2010 together with a business partner he founded his own training and coaching agency “De Verbeterpraktijk" holding the ambition to achieve “world-class healthcare” through continuous improvement. In the beginning they were true pioneers in the field of healthcare and they could immediately start working as Lean coaches in various leading hospitals such as VUmc and AMC in Amsterdam. Here they taught hundreds of employees— from nurses to doctors and from team leaders to board members—how to keep improving. In addition, they taught them how to coach their colleagues and spread Lean further. He also assisted various doctors who needed advice on how to start improving complex care processes.

The Lean Mentor: Coaching Coaches

The last years he is more and more often working as a mentor, one-on-one with his customers. His focus is on difficult leadership and change issues in healthcare for which a broad Lean experience is desirable. He mainly helps people who already have experience in improving and innovating healthcare, including (leading) medical professionals, their managers, and Lean coaches.

No One Wants to Return to the Old Style

His experience so far is that everyone he coaches and who works according to Lean principles in the way he advocates, never wants to return to the old style. Experience it for yourself and grant yourself and others the transformation to the best possible care there is.

Arnout Orelio author & speaker biography

Arnout is a captivating and thought-provoking speaker in the field of lean management in healthcare, based in the Netherlands. He gets your audience the insights how they themselves can change healthcare for the better. Arnout has a proven-track record as a lean coach and he has helped hundreds of (leading) medical professionals become the best version of themselves creating peak performance by applying lean principles. Creating change starts here. Hire Arnout for your next (virtual) event or webinar.

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Do you want to learn how to become a lean leader and apply the ideas, concepts, tips and tools from his books successfully in practice?

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