Lean Thinking for Emerging Health Care Leaders - Book - English

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Healthcare providers and their patients all want the same thing: safe and compassionate care, without waste or struggle. Unfortunately, this is far from always possible. Healthcare delivery , like any other industry, requires continuous improvement and learning. This is best achieved, when we put those who are doing the work and are closest to the actual situation in the lead!

However, before you can change health care for the better, you need to develop the necessary mindset and skills, some of us call lean leadership. Accelerate your journey of continuous improvement and learning, by reading this book.

'Lean Thinking for Emerging Healthcare Leaders' will help you to:

  • Apply the core principles and values of Lean leadership and management.
  • Develop yourself in such a way that will best benefit your patients.
  • Solve your problems at the source, together with your team.
  • Change successfully, building commitment with all your stakeholders.
  • Improve your work everyday, making it safer, better, faster and more efficient.
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